Boost wash

Can you see it for yourself?

In just one wash, TexCare® COTTON BOOST renews and restores colours.

You will be really amazed and impressed how great the colours of the clothes have become. The clothes are almost like new,

You've made your clothes sustainable because you'll want to wear them for longer, so you'll save lots of the CO2 emitted by new clothes

Throw a maximum of 2½ kg of grey, washed and boring clothes in the washing machine with ½ bottle of BOOST. Choose 40°C and a not too fast wash. You may dry the clothes in the tumble dryer afterwards.

Remember that the next time you wash your clothes, it's important to use TexCare Cottonwash. There is no need to use another detergent, which will ruin the colours again. TexCare Cottonwash ensures that the colours stay beautiful.

Washing results will vary depending on cotton quality and how damaged the colours are. If the first result is not satisfactory, you can wash again in CottonBOOST
To avoid excessive wear, we recommend that you do not use BOOST every time you wash. Only when the colours look worn and washed out.
Otherwise, wash daily in TexCare Cottonwash.

CottonBOOST dissolves all the small fibre ends that stick out from the surface of the cotton fibres and threads of your clothes. These are the fibre ends that make colours look faded.

Once the BOOST u has washed the fibres free of "lint", the fibres have a shinier surface and the colours shine brighter.
Feel free to use the dryer: a trip to the dryer will further "blow away" any remaining fibre fuzz. If you don't like to tumble, or maybe don't have a tumble dryer, it's not that important. The result will still be that the colours come back, plus the clothes will feel softer, newer and nicer afterwards.


Contains 50 ml
Enough for 2 BOOST washes to restore the colours of your clothes.