TexCare bottles, environment and CO2

Aluminium bottles and cans are recycled  'Can to can'

It is many times more expensive to produce a new packaging than to recycle a used one.

But the value of recycling cannot only be made up in money. Because in addition to saving energy, we also avoid using precious natural resources and we emit less wastewater and less CO2 when we recycle our packaging instead of producing new ones.

In 2019 alone, empty aluminium bottles and cans were recycled, saving the climate and future generations more than 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. It is equivalent to all the energy all Danes would use if they each on their own e-bike drove from Copenhagen to Barcelona...

A can saves four times its weight in raw materials   

Used cans are not waste, but a valuable raw material used to produce new cans. The gain from returning them to the store or mortgage station is therefore greater than just the mortgage. 

When aluminium cans are recycled, raw materials are saved in an amount equal to four times the weight of the can. It takes four kilos of the earthy bauxite to produce one kilo of new aluminium.  

Recycling is better for the climate, as the process requires much less energy. As much as 95 percent of energy is saved when used cans are melted into new ones.    

Aluminium can turn into new bottles and cans over and over again   

Once aluminium is extracted from bauxite, it can be recycled over and over again.  It is great for the environment and climate that used aluminium bottles are kept in its own circular economic circuit.  

The cans are pressed into large bales and are brought for recycling at specialist plants in Europe. There are as yet no plants in Denmark that can melt cans into new ones.

Every single recycled bottle/can makes a difference to the climate 

10 used cans / bottles that are melted into new ones save as much energy as it takes to charge the battery of an electric bike so that it can run almost 100 km.
In the Danish deposit system, as many as 9 out of 10 cans of mortgage come back, and if you put your emptied TexCare cans in the glass and metal waste container, it will go for recycling.

Every packaging pays for its own cost
Some cans/bottles bear its own cost and are thus 100 percent circular. Depending on the type, manufacturers and importers pay fees. The calculation includes the cost of collecting and sorting the packaging, and deducting revenue from sales for recycling.