TexCare® Waterproofing for all surfaces that you want to protect.

On skins, clothes, car seats, motorcycle clothes, shoes, bags, boots, Goretex products, your natural wood dining table – everything!
Is completely invisible and cannot be felt. PFAS free.

Contains TexCare® PFAS fritluor anti-splash system.
For use on suede, nubuck, aniline and soft leathers with absorbent surfaces.
For the impregnation of jackets, bags, shoes, boots, outerwear, rainwear, leather and upholstered furniture, car seats and all textiles made of wool, cotton, synthetic fibres, etc.
Is silicone-free. Does not contain nanoparticles.

TexCare® Waterproofing makes the surface of the item water and grease repellent, and therefore effectively protects against dirt and stains of grease
rain and spills of liquids. The product achieves longer service life and stays clean and fresh. Leather and skins exposed to rain,
avoid losing shape and become rigid.

Places a micro-thin protective membrane around each fiber, thereby preventing water and oil- and grease-based dirt from being sucked in.
Any stains will be easier to remove from a surface that is impregnated. The impregnation should be repeated after washing and cleaning.
Waterproofing cannot be felt and is completely invisible.

Spray on a new or cleaned surface.
Spray distance: 15 - 20 cm.
Dries quickly depending on ventilation. To check whether the waterproofing is sufficient, a little water is sprayed.
If the water is absorbed, repeat the treatment.

NET CONTENT: 250 ml.

Impregnation test

Only sold in leading specialty stores. Made in Denmark.
Production and distribution: TexCare® tel: +45 86434311 / 40783900 email@texcare.dk