TexCare Leatherlotion 250mlTexCare® Leatherlotion is a liquid lotion for both cleaning and care of leather and smooth skins. Easy to apply.mail truck

Motorcycle jackets - sofas - leather trousers - jackets. You name it..

Do not use for suede or skins with sucking surface.

Adds natural nutrients to the leather to maintain soft and supple and glossy. Prevents the leather surface from cracking.

In addition, TexCare® Leatherlotion contains fine oils and waxes that protect the surface from rain, dirt and stains.

Contains ten sides that, when applied, dissolve and remove dirt from the surface.

TexCare® Leatherlotion is also very suitable for leather furniture.

To know the effect of TexCare® Leatherlotion on the colour of leather, a sample should be applied to a less visible place.
Must dry about 8 hours before assessment.
Shake the bottle before use. Apply a thin and even layer with a soft cloth to wipe dirt and stains. Polish with light movements.

CONTAINS 250 ml.