10.000 TURNINGS per minute

Absolutely amazingly effective for removing pilling / lint on clothing of any kind. Both knitwear, smooth fabrics, trousers, dresses etc.

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged between 500-1000 times and have the highest energy density. The most environmentally friendly rechargeable battery, it does not need periodic charging and discharging to extend battery life. Lasts approximately 7-10 times longer and has almost no self-discharge. This means the battery can last for a very long time without losing power!

So when you buy a TexCare Clothes Dryer, it's ready to go.

♦USB Clothes Shaver with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

10,000 revolutions per minute.

6 elastic sharp shaver blades.

2 different grids.

2 speeds - 3 grid settings.

Lithium battery included: 1X600mAh. + USB cord.

Fully charged in max 1 hour.

The machine can be used while charging.

Safety switch on opening.

Extra batteries available from TexCare.

Here's a knit that was about to go out.

Lots of big zeros covered the jersey.

5 minutes later, it's free of all lint, on the half where TexCare's new Clothes Shaver has shaved it off.

Can you see the difference ♥

It's wildly effective. You will be SO impressed. Absolutely fabulous!